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  • Final Reflection

    Part 2: Tools for Learning (6 Tools)

    A. Slack

    Slack has greatly improved my communication with my peers and Dr.It made it faster and more efficient for me to connect with my Dr. formally without emails. It has allowed me to ask questions that I have and receive quick answers, whether from peers or professionals like doctors. Collaboration has also become easier through Slack, as we can freely share ideas and thoughts. However, despite those benefits for communication and collaboration, there are a very unique benefit of using Slack. It is very organized with dividing the course in multiple groups, such as general discussions, class time, Soliya, and help assignments. I really enjoy organizing stuff and surprisingly slack is very organized and sufficient.

    B. WordPress

    WordPress was very challenging at first to set up my blog page. After a while, I really enjoyed the process of creating everything in my blog and redecorating it to look like me as much as possible. I really find it beneficial and easier to post my assignments on a blog. Adding to this WordPress made it possible to have all my assignments of a course on a blogpost no matter what and it will never be deleted . WordPress gave me the opportunity to think about posting everything about every course to save my work and represent all my experience throughout university. 

    C. Google Slides

    Google Slides was very benefcial while doing my game as it really was easier on google slides because the tools were very friendly and it made it easier to create such a complex game.

    D. is a very unique tool that I did not know of before this course. I really find it beneficial to see all the comments of my peers and from those who are all over the world. This tool made me have a vision of how other cultures may see the same article and have other opinions that I have never thought of. I really think that a lot of other courses could really benefit from a tool like this as for example all the RHET department courses.

    E. ChatGBT

    ChatGBT is an AI tool that I started using at the beginning of the semester to gain more experience with AI tools. ChatGBT has been trained on a vast amount of data and has access to a wide range of information. This made It able to provide answers and explanations on numerous topics, making it a valuable resource for obtaining information and learning. While ChatGBT can generate coherent and relevant responses, it may sometimes struggle to grasp the context or intent behind complex or ambiguous queries. This can lead to misunderstandings and potentially inaccurate or incomplete responses. I used ChatGBT sometimes to help to know more commands for Python which were very useful and straightforward. I would definitely recommend it for coding help.

    F. Preplexity.AI and Write Sonic

    Preplexity AI and Write Sonic was very useful this semester as they let me reach good cites in shorter time. I would really recommend both to people but i will add a comment that they must re check all the sites that they give you as an output because some time they create sites that are not even thier. These tools were useful to an extent and they helped me to reach good sites.

    Note: I used Grammarly in the writings above to correct my grammar mistakes.

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  • Final Reflection

    Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

    Throughout the course, I have acquired valuable knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will positively impact various aspects of my life. From academic endeavors to social interactions and future career prospects, the course has provided me with significant moments that have facilitated my learning. In this reflection, I will highlight three to four key points that I have learned and discuss how they will be applicable in my academic life, social life, and career.

    Used ChatGBT to help me write a good introduction as the above paragraph. i used the prompt (how can i start to answer this question with a small introduction) followed by the question itself.


    I gained a lot of knowledge from this course, but three important topics I enjoyed were biases, equity vs equality, and culture appropriation vs culture appreciation. During our discussion about biases I figured out that I am biased toward Egyptians when one of my friends talked about Egyptians who live abroad do not like each other and try to avoid each other instead of going through the experience of living abroad together. This topic made me realize during our discussion with my Dr. is that being biased toward a specific group could be harmful to others and that trying to be not biased is going to be fair for so many people. This topic really changed my social life as I started to treat people as how they are treating me and I am constantly trying to not be biased towards a specific person for example if they are Egyptian. The second topic was equity vs equality, I always thought that equality is better than equity in many ways but during our discussion on Zoom about this topic I was surprised with how my classmates have different opinions and sights on this topic. After our discussion, I figured out that actually, equity is way much fair than equality but at the same time I find it very difficult to implement on a larger scale. I was surprised that our university actually tries to make its system a kind of equity as they offer help for those who need it without harming others. Finally culture appropriation vs culture appreciation, I never thought by joking about another culture means I am disrespecting them or their culture, This topic made me aware of how I could be disrespectful without meaning to and that joking around about cultural differences is not funny as it means you are making fun of someone’s identity.

    If I were to show someone my learning in this course, I would differently show them my game as it was my first experience creating a game and it is something that is definitely new to learn in a course I will mention how it is unexpected that it could be that easy to create a game. Another thing I will mention is how this course is known to the point we always talk about very interesting topics as I mentioned before. Finally, I will tell them how this course made my experience talking to international people and exchanging cultures, and knowing about the world as Soliya made me more knowledgeable about cultural differences when we kept talking about our cultures. 

    I would change 2 things in this course to improve it. First, I would like our first class to be more details about what the course will include as I was surprised multiple times by our assignments and activities but on the other hand i really enjoyed it.Second I would like to add presentation activity to the course as a reflection of what I really enjoyed in my course about 3-5 minutes for all students to recap the course.

    I think a really sociable person is the perfect person to take this course to be able to enjoy it as I did.

    Note:I used Grammarly to correct my grammar in all of the above.

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  • AI Pathway for Digital Literacies Pathway

    1. Prompt engineering for generative AI

    Overall I really enjoyed watching this lecture and a few things caught my attention and made me wonder about some career’s future. The phrase Token really caught my attention and I was surprised that it could change my output. I never knew that I could ask ChatGBT to answer in a special format in order to use it in an Excel sheet for example, also I did not know that I could it an example of how to answer. It really got interesting when the lecture started talking about DELL-E it made me wonder if this will damage the designer’s career the Professor asked for a design of a lobby and it started giving him ideas this will make people not think about getting an interior designer fr example as a result will damage their career.

    2. Try multiple AI writing tools

    I choose this question because it is unreal and i needed to know how those AI tools will solve this problem

    Prompt :What should i do with my third hand?


    Having a third hand can be a unique and interesting situation. While it’s not possible for humans to naturally have a third hand, if you’re referring to a prosthetic or robotic arm, here are a few ideas on what you could do with it:

    1. Enhance productivity: Your third hand could significantly increase your productivity. You can use it to multitask, allowing you to perform tasks more efficiently. For example, you can hold objects while using your other hands for typing, writing, or operating machinery.
    2. Pursue artistic endeavors: If you have a passion for art, your third hand can be a wonderful asset. You can use it to hold brushes, sculpting tools, or other artistic instruments, allowing you to create unique and intricate artwork.
    3. Aid in sports or hobbies: Depending on your interests, your third hand can provide an advantage in various sports or hobbies. For example, if you enjoy playing a musical instrument, your extra hand can help you play complex chords or melodies that require multiple simultaneous notes.
    4. Assist in caregiving: If you work in a caregiving profession or have responsibilities that involve caring for others, your third hand can be immensely helpful. It can assist you in holding and manipulating objects while tending to someone’s needs.
    5. Innovative problem-solving: Your third hand opens up possibilities for innovative problem-solving. You can explore ways to utilize it for unique tasks or challenges, such as holding objects in unconventional positions, creating new tools, or even assisting in scientific experiments.

    Remember, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the capabilities of your third hand. Experiment, explore, and find out how it can best serve your needs and interests.


    A third hand is a tool that can be used for various purposes, such as holding parts in place while soldering or gluing them together(1)(2). It is also useful for jewelry making, as it can hold jewelry items securely in any position (3) (4). However, it is unclear from the question what type of third hand is being referred to, so it is difficult to provide a specific answer.

    Writesonic (ChatSonic)

    If you have a third hand, you can use it as a brilliant tool for jewellery making. The third hand is fully adjustable, allowing you to change the height and angle according to your needs. This makes it an essential tool for any jewellery bench [1]. However, if you are not into jewellery making, you can always use it to hold your stemware at your next function or even as a thumb page holder for reading [2].

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a towel wrap, you might want to check out a product that a reviewer highly recommends. According to the reviewer, this towel wrap is perfect for men and petite women who are looking for a wrap that is comfortable, absorbent, and soft. It also has buttons instead of Velcro, making it more convenient to use and wash. The wrap is available on Amazon in 14 colors for $17.95 and up, with a women’s version with Velcro available for $19.95 and up [2].

    Lastly, if you are into soldering, the third hand can also serve as an indispensable tool for securing items while you solder. Its weighted base serves as an anchor while the hinged joint secures the items in place [3].

     Comparing the Quality of the Outputs

    Actually, ChatGBT was quite realistic as It corrected me and made it sound realistic to have a 3rd hand but on the other hand, Preplexity and Writesonic (ChatSonic) are quite similar talking about how I can use it in jewelry. I dont know how Preplexity and Writesonic (ChatSonic) both dealed with having a third hand as an object that could help me in jewelery and a lot of other stuff.Plus Wrtesonic had some spelling mistake. Finally I would prefer ChatGBT as it understood what I meant and made it sound relistic which means it understand humans more.

    3. Read one article

    First I choose this article as it’s title grabbed my attention which is “AI is not good software. It is pretty good people”. At the beging i was quite confues of were is this article going and was does the author want to prove or cralify. then i started understanding what he meant by Al is good people. I was really surprised with how the author made me understand his point of view and actully made me convinced it is right. Changing me prespective of AI and trying to think of it as human made relaize more depth of how actully AI could be heplful an when. Finally, I still agree with the part is the with all those advantages AI will have a very big impact on employment rate since AI will be able to do a lot of human work. Sadly as much as this upsets me I do not think it has a solution. I totally agree with the author when he said “This means that thinking of AI as people requires us to grapple with what we view as uniquely human. We need to decide what tasks we are willing to delegate with oversight, what we want to automate completely, and what tasks we should preserve for humans alone.”as it is very complex to deal with all AI tools.

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