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What I Hear When You Say

I choose to watch the video with the title “Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation” because it was the most one that caught my attention and made me curious to know when can we define an act as appropriate or appreciative of a specific culture. I also really wanted to know the abstract behind the full title itself which is “What I hear When You Say Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation”.

The video made me understand that cultural appropriation refers to the adoption of elements from a culture that is not one’s own without understanding, respect, or permission, often leading to disrespect to others. On the other hand, cultural appreciation involves learning about and respecting different cultures, while celebrating their value and diversity without erasing or appropriating their traditionsSurprisingly cultural appropriation nowadays people sometimes use it to make money. This is a problem because it can hurt people who come from that culture and who have been treated unfairly in the past. It’s not just about fashion and beauty, but it can also happen with music, dance, and art.

The article made me know that to show respect and appreciation for other cultures is very important,and it’s important to listen to people who are part of that culture and to understand how it feels for them to see their culture being used in ways that they don’t like and that people should also remember that there are power differences between cultures, and people who have more power should be careful not to take advantage of people who have less power. Technology gave us a very good opportunity to learn more about different cultures by reading and reaching out to people from those cultures. I think we all should keep learning and thinking about these issues so we can be better at showing respect for other cultures.

here is the link where I understood the topic more from it and was able to write about it.

Inclusive Language: Cultural Appreciation and Cultural Appropriation


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