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Digital Narrative Game Phase I Games Reflections

In Class

Game 1:Spent 

I played the spent and it made me feel responsible and made me think like a parent. For example, I refused to buy me anything to save money in order to offer my kids whatever they wish for and not make them feel less about themselves. Sincerely, the game didn’t make me feel like I was at the poverty level; it just made me feel like I was short on money. I was able to offer everything that was necessary from my point of view, and I also had some spare money at the end.

Game 2: BBC Syrian Refugees

This was a very challenging game as it made me make decisions in order to live. It made me feel scared to die, scared that this may be my last day on earth and I won’t be able to live like a normal person again. I really enjoyed that game, but it could have been better if there were more scenarios added to the game.

At Home

2 Games professionally-created

Game 3: Skills Practice: A Home Visit 

I really enjoyed this game as it was very realistic, and the camera angle made me feel like I was really in the story because of how the angle of the camera was. The game was very realistic to the point where I got emotional for the character and got invested in her story. This game made me realize that we should be careful with what we say, especially if they are not in a good situation. This game helped me improve my communication skills by making me choose the right sentences to say.

Game 4: “Reality Check”

This game was really interesting, and it made me learn to not believe everything I see without digging deeper into the information by seeing more reliable sources. Conclusion: You cannot believe everything that is on social media. 

2 Games student-created

Game 5: Domestic Abuse

This game is really helpful in many ways. First, it raises awareness about democratic violence in Egypt. The second could be really helpful for those facing democratic violence to learn how to deal with it and overcome what is happening to them. I became very knowledgeable about such a topic because of this game, due to all the statistics it contained. The game was a little bit boring because it was a Google Form.

Game 6: Gender Equality

This game wasn’t a game, to be honest; it was very boring and it did not have any features of a game. I felt like I was reading a PowerPoint, and there was nothing to make me excited to play it. The game does not make any sense from my point of view, and i really cannot see where the main topic of gender equality is in the game. It could have been way better if they used some advanced PowerPoint feature to accomplish a good game.


2 responses to “Digital Narrative Game Phase I Games Reflections”

  1. thanks Jana – you kept saying “democratic” instead of “domestic abuse” – please check for typos 🙂


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